Prima Linea [Special]

Prima Linea [Special]

Prima Linea was a french industrial band from Rennes, active from 1984 to 1987. The two leaders of the band were Yves Montmayeur and Frédéric Temps and they get their name from the political branch of the italian terrorist organization the Red Brigades.

Prima Linea define themselves as an audiovisual and political structure, influenced by the social-revolutionnary actions realized by the avant-garde of the last century, and by the esthetic research of art movements like Futurism or Suprematism.

From left to right : Y.A.G - Frederik - Beka - IV

On a musical level, with a deep bass, dark synths, harsch martial vocals, trumpet, symphonic samples and electronic or metal percusions rythms, their sound could be classified between Test Dept and Laibach.

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Prima Linea - Manifeste 84 (tape - 1984)

Prima Linea - Session 85 (LP - 1985 - Haï Record)
Prima Linea - Metabolisma (vhs - 1985)

Prima Linea - Prima Linea Na Stzene (tape live - 1985 - Nourritures Terrestres)

Prima Linea - Nitchevo (LP - 1986 - Front De L’Est)
Prima Linea - Spartia (vhs - 1986)

Yves Montmayeur is now a director and Frédéric Temps is managing the french independent festival L’Etrange Festival and has an electro-experimental musical project called Tempsion.

Find here a full biography in french of Prima Linea, written by Christophe Lorentz in 2006 for the book Carnets Noirs

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