Nox is an industrial band from Metz, France. They formed in 1981 by Cécile Babiole, and went into a trio with Gerome Nox (G-nox), and Laurent Perrier joining the band later on. The Laurent Pernice joined in the 90’s to make the line up complete. Nox just might be one of the angriest/odd bands that came out of not only France, but the world in general.

Live session demonstrating with killing attack the powerful hypnotic guitar and heavy tribal percussion (Test Dept./Swans style) melting which strongly characterizes Nox's sonic rock (They combined tribal rhythms and male/female vocals with hints of industrial/experimental music). Its a pity that they never became quite popular, apparently because of their unique approach to music. Besides Nox, each member manages his own career into different areas: Cecile Babiole is a movie director ("Menagerie", "Xons"), Gerome acts as producer ( Garbage Collector , Laurent Pernice ) and musician under Gerome Nox & G-Nox, Laurent Perrier is a label manager (Odd Size), and Laurent Pernice is a solo musician.

They made a lot of performance with bands like Sprung Aus den Wolken and Einstürzende Neubauten.

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Nox@Cécile Babiole
Nox@Gerome Nox
Nox@Laurent Pernice


NOX - Crowd
NOX - Assault
Nox - Kecekece
Nox - Chantguerrier




1987 - Sessions 84/86
1988 - Crowd
1989 - Live At The Manufacture
1990 - Killin' Drive Power

1988 - Acte I : Back To The Roots !
1989 - Rut
4 ALBUMS 2 EP'S download HERE


1983 - 30 TUBES POUR L´ÉTÉ 83 K7
1983 - Ritual Dos Sadicos
1985 - Ritual Dos Sadicos II
1985 - Le Défilé Des Épaves Side A /Side B
1987 - Stator
1989 - Geins't Naït / Permis De Construire - Interview [Radio Broadcast Series #2]
1989 - Out Of Nowhere
1990 - Out Of Nowhere II

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