Strelnikoff is slovenian electro punk-rock band (active in period 1988-2001). At late 80's they have played live a lot and had few releases and compilation appearances in former Yugoslavian and international hardcore circles.

The band continued their activities in 90's but with time kinda lost that raw hardcore feel, yet making very good, original music (Rhythm machine, samples, saxophone, electric guitar, distorted bass guitar, two screaming vocalists... and it rocks as hell), also collaborated with Marko Brecelj (Buldozer), and were quite respected in worldwide alternative music scenes, etc... There was even an "Strelnikoff affair" in Slovenia, when their album cover confronted them on public and criminal level with Roman Catholic Church, so they remained highly provocative as band.

Anyway, in 2001 the band had split up, but their first demo still sounds fresh and inspiring to me.