KnifeLadder [Special]

KnifeLadder have been in existence since 1997 but the evolution to produce their Organic Industrial sound began well before. Jonh Murphy (former Current 93 member, Death In June, Scorpion Wind, Krank, SPK, and many others) and Andrew Trails (Andrew King collaborator) had been playing regularly on the the same bills of Industrial acts in Australia and on one occasion played together in a performance act called “My Father Of Serpents”. They stayed in touch and agreed that when both in London to renew their partnership and begin work on something new and intense. This occurred in 1997 and the beginning of KnifeLadder had been formed…

Hunter Barr ( Andrew King collaborator) and Andrew Trails had already established themselves in Industrial acts in London with Infant Skull Surgery and Autogeddon, respectively, and were both great admirers of each others work. Now fate seemed to intervene as both their bands split at the same time allowing Hunter and Andrew to begin their work creating a new electronic sound in mid 1996… Just before the return to the UK for Jonh Murphy… So it was late 1996 when John Murphy returned to London and renewed his acquaintance with Andrew Trails, affirming their promise to work together on their project to be known as KnifeLadder. Creating their own samples and cyclic rhythms, together with drums and various percussion.

Shortly after Hunter was drafted in to add an extra dimension and depth using picked and bowed bass to an already terrifying electronic/percussive experience. Hunter would later prove to be invaluable with his skills of production and post-production using the recording studio more as an instrument in creating the KnifeLadder sound…

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