In Sotto Voce

In Sotto Voce [Special]

In Sotto Voce was a secret side-project of Jo Casters & Herman Gillis from the band Poésie Noire, who started this secret side-project in 1988 as a response to a Belgian critic who found Poésie Noire “too poppy”.

In Sotto Voce were supposedly two Yugoslavians named Ilya Dimitrijevic (Jo Casters) responsible for vocals/guitars and Boris Mikulic (really Herman Gillis) who handled keyboards and electronics. The two supposedly met each other at the University of Ljubljana where Ilya studied social sciences and Boris computer sciences. They started out by making music for theatre productions. After two years of doing this, they founded In Sotto Voce. They gave up studying and Ilya became a DJ in the “Draga Grad” new wave club where he came in contact with a lot of Belgian electronic stuff. They were influenced by Belgian acts as Front 242, Men 2nd, The Neon Judgement and Poésie Noire (what a coincidence!).


In Sotto Voce (Babelfish tells me it’s Italian for “under voice”) was the side-project of Belgian EBM group Poésie Noire. While Poésie Noire was active from about 1985 to 1992, they put out 3 releases in 1989 as In Sotto Voce, all of which were released by the Belgian label Antler Subway (along with most of the Poésie Noire material). The self-titled maxi CD is a compilation of the first two 12″ releases, while Tracks is a full-length album that was released on CD and vinyl. In Sotto Voce has that cold, minimal feel of the era (though not as cold and minimal as country-mates Klinik). For example, “Sequence I” is a pretty repetitive song, but has that nice “stomp and chant” sing-a-long that everyone loves in their old-school EBM. Tracks introduced the use of guitars on many of the songs, and while it’s not bad, I feel that sometimes it takes away from the rest of the music, with the sometimes unnecessary guitar solos. Guitar solos…who would have thought? Nevertheless, if you can get past all of that, you will find some classic Antler Subway stuff.

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1989 - Tracks

Singles & EPs
1988 - I (12")
1989 - In Sotto Voce (CD, Maxi)
1989 - II (12")