Les Discrets

Les Discrets is the musical project of french illustrator Fursy Teyssier and Audrey Hadorn.
Their cinematographic music combines elements from post rock to dark indie rock, trip hop with doom and folk influences.
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Les Discrets is a French shoegaze/post-rock project created and led by Fursy Teyssier as a "platform gathering music and art." Teyssier was the sole member of the band until 2009, when he was joined by Audrey Hadorn and Winterhalter. Les Discrets have released three studio albums: Septembre et Ses Dernières Pensées in March 2010, Ariettes oubliées... in February 2012, and Prédateurs in April 2017; additionally, a live album entitled Live at Roadburn was issued in June 2015.  The band considers its name to mean "Those who keep silent", although "The Discreet Ones" would be more an accurate translation.