Tanz Ohne Musik (Babywolf - vocals, electronics & Luna - visuals) stands for pure electronic sounds from analogue & digital synthesizers, drum machines & samplers, all mixed in an organic atmosphere, reverberating vocal parts and rough lyrics merged into hypnotic and noir images, exposed through sanguine tones and cruel light.
+ AUDIO+VISUAL EMISSIONS FROM THE INNER SPACE + Babywolf: synthesizers & vocals + Color Nurse: visuals Conceived in 2010 by Dan Serbanescu, the Bucharest based act Tanz Ohne Musik stands for the aesthetics of pure analogue electronic frequencies, filtered through the organic and subjective sides of the human body and of the inner self and visually translated into Color Nurse's hypnotic and timeless imagery. Among other performances, Tanz Ohne Musik's live activity is including shows together with Mona Mur/En Esch.