Azot is an electro-acoustic drone quartet from Zagreb, Croatia. Active from 2005, the quartet started out of a wish for free musical improvising. Initially influenced by so-called onkyo style of electro-acoustic improvisation (Otomo Yoshihide, Toshimaru Nakamura, Keith Rowe, etc) which was developed from the fusion of Japanese gagaku music and western experimental tradition. These artists treat sound in a painterly manner, placing a great deal of attention to silence. This particular style of music set out to minimise the time spent between the music production and presentation. It renders the musican almost invisible, allowing one to achieve a higher level of concentration for listening and playing alike. Artistic impulses modulated by these principles manage to create temporary 'audible thoughts' unrepeatable by nature.

The quartet, through regular meetings, has further developed these basic principles by addition of a continuous and concentrated 'empty' sound - the drone, which in its minimal shifts provides the clearest background for the ongoing actions in the soundspace. The drone somewhat resembles continuous forms of French composer Eliane Radigue but also gives a nod to white noise symbolism as well as doom metal aesthetics...

Azot has given a great number of concerts around Croatia, both solo as well as supporting various other artists, including Tetsuo Furudate, No Necks Blues Band, jgrzinich, etc. The band is also heavily involved in organising the only festival of drone, minimal and electronic music in Zagreb called SineLinea.