Alive She Died is a New Wave/Μinimal band band from Athens, Greece. They formed in 1983 and immediately gained the attention of the 80's club scene in Greece.

The band released a demo tape titled ''Viva Voce'' in 1985 which included their cover of Joy Division's track "She's Lost Control". In 1986, a live recording of their concert at the (Πήγασος) Pegasus Club was also released.

Decadent minimalism has managed to touch even that shining country that responds to the name of Greece. The Alive She Died are a demonstration, managing to create a post-punk atmosphere, but with a sweet melancholy, both with a particular vocal line, and with masterfully hypnotic synths with an electro-spatial touch. This album slowly unfolds, injects itself with a fake cacophony and affects the mind. Until dissolving.
Disbanded in Summer 1987.

Band Members:
Daphne Gerogianni - vocals
Giorgos Ginis - keyboards
Xenophon Xenios - keyboards
Tina Gouti - bass


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