Front Line Assembly [Special]

Front Line Assembly [Special]

Front Line Assembly was the best known of the various electronic music projects undertaken by the prolific Vancouver-based duo of Bill Leeb (vocals, synthesizers) and Rhys Fulber (synthesizers, samplers). After working in the mid-'80s under the pseudonym Wilhelm Schroeder with Skinny Puppy, the Austrian-born Leeb formed the industrial/techno-based Front Line Assembly in 1986 with Fulber -- who initially joined on as a studio assistant -- and synth player Michael Balch. After a handful of compilation appearances and cassette-only releases, Front Line Assembly issued its first three full-length efforts -- The Initial Command, State of Mind, and Corrosion -- on a monthly basis between December 1987 and February 1988. Later in 1988, Corrosion, a subsequent mini-album titled Disorder, and a number of exclusive bonus tracks were compiled and released as Convergence.

In 1989, the group returned with the album Gashed Senses & Crossfire, which contained the dance-flavored singles "Digital Tension Dementia" and "No Limit." A European tour in support of the record yielded a live album -- titled simply Live -- that was released and deleted on the same day in a limited edition of 4,000 pressings. After Balch departed Front Line Assembly in 1990, Fulber stepped in as a full partner; the streamlined duo soon released the electro-styled album Caustic Grip, while 1992's Tactical Neural Implant found the group's music moving in a harder-edged disco direction.

By 1994, the sound evolved yet again, with the album MillenniumFulber departed the lineup by 1997, while his replacement Chris Peterson debuted with 1998's Monument. Implode appeared one year later. Sticking with a heavy dose of synth pop trance and throbbing melodies, Leeb and Peterson issued Epitaph in fall 2001. Rhys FulberCivilization and remained for the 2006 release Artificial Soldier, which found guitarist/keyboardist Jeremy Inkel joining the band. The remix album Fallout displaying a newfound reliance on guitars; both the title track and "This Faith" scored as club hits. (synthesizers, samplers). After working in the mid-'80s under the pseudonym returned for the 2001 album followed in 2007

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1986 - Nerve War Pt1 / Pt2
1987 - Iceolate
1987 - The Initial Command
1988 - Digital Tension Dementia
1988 - State Of Mind
1989 - Gashed Senses Crossfire
1990 - Provision
1991 - Virus
1992 - Caustic Grip
1992 - Mindphaser
1992 - Tactical Neutral Implant
1992 - The Blade
1992 - The Initial Command
1993 - Everlasting Terror
1993 - No Limit
1993 - Total Terror I
1993 - Total Terror II
1994 - Millenium
1995 - Circuitry
1995 - Hard Wired
1996 - Live Wired Pt1 / Pt2
1996 - Plasticity
1997 - Flavour Of The Weak
1997 - Reclamation 1
1998 - Comatose
1998 - Convergence
1998 - Monument
1998 - Re-Wind
1999 - Implode
1999 - Prophecy
2000 - Colombian Necktie
2001 - Epitaph
2001 - Everything Must Perish
2003 - Explosion Pt1 / Pt2
2003 - Maniacal
2004 - Civilization
2004 - Vanished