Militia [Special]

Militia is a Belgian industrial percussion band. It was founded in 1989 by the multi-instrumentalist Frank Gorissen and wind instrument player Jo Billen and now 6 musicians are involved. The band is known for its use of self made percussion and wind instruments and the scrap material they transform into musical instruments. The band's music is often inspired by the anarchic and atheist social views and their concirn about our natural environment, themes that can be found in most of their lyrics and statements.

In 1989, Frank Gorissen was active as a home recording electronic music artist and as an industrial music dj at the free radio station called "Radio Demervallei" in Diepenbeek, Belgium. As part of his show called "Radio Militia", he sometimes invited musicians to perform at the radio studio. During such an event he met the wind instrument player Jo Billen and together they founded the band Militia. Frank Gorissen recorded the early Militia music on tape, calling this project "Statement", playing a variety of percussion instruments mixed with the sounds of the wind instruments played by Jo Billen. They showed these tapes and talked about their plans of releasing their music to Mike Dando a.k.a Con-Dom, a British noise act, after they attented his performance in Antwerp. Mike Dando presented the band to the German music label Praxis Dr. Bearmann, after he had incorporated some of the Militia music for a few of his own releases. By that time Jo Billen had already left the band and formed his own music project "Onehouse". He was being replaced by Gary Vaes, Frank Van Hoof and Peter Vanderstukken, all three of them on percussion. The band now started composing powerful percussion music played upon layers of samples and electronic music. This style of composing music combined with their typical musical approach became the band's trade mark.

Tactical Recordings, the former Praxis Dr. Bearmann, released their following albums and made it possible for the band to record their music in a professional studio. Their first album New European Order - a 3 Lp set - was released in 1991 and became a major success; it was soon sold out. Several other CDs followed and the band can often be seen at major industrial music festivals throughout Europe such as Maschinenfest and Xphonozon in Germany, the Belgian Independent Music Festival and the French Deadly Actions festival, to name a few.

End of 2008, after Tactical Recordings stopped being active as a record label, the Swedish industrial and experimental music record label Cold Meat Industry took over and decided to release all future Militia records.

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2005 - Everything Is One
2010 - Archive Collection 1: 1996-1997 Password: mp3db
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2008 - VA.\Juche [w/Turbund Sturmwerk, Operation Cleansweep, Con-Dom, Genocide Organ, Militia, Ex.Order, The Grey Wolves, Anenzephalia]
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