Strange Attractor [Spacial]

Strange Attractor [Spacial]

Richard van Kruysdijk (Sonar Lodge, Phallus Dei) and Niels Van Hoorn (The Legendary Pink Dots) hooked up in 2004 and produced 2 LP’s (“Rorschach” and “Rorschach II”), which were later released on CD (“Everything Is Closer”) by SPV / Big Blue in 2006. Two promotional tours through Europe that year brought them headlining in nine countries.

SA proved the perfect vehicle for their musical ideas and became their main focus amongst their many projects. They will embark on another European Tour in November 2007. Strange Attractor works with some legendary guest vocalists and musicians: Edward Ka-Spel, Winston Tong, David J, Richard Sinclair, Marie-Claudine Vanvlemen, Peter Christopherson, Graham Lewis…

is a longstanding member of the English / Dutch cult group The Legendary Pink Dots. Their unusual mixture of electronic psychedelic whimsy and lush textures straight out of Alice In Wonderland have kept them on top of the underground cult music scene for already a quarter of a century.

Niels, who always coloured outside the dotted line, reached an important milestone with his first solo album Colours (out in autumn 2002 on Soleilmoon USA). Over the years, Niels has also worked with a wide range of performers: drum & bass outfit Voltage, Dead Voices On Air (Mark Spybey of Zoviet France & Download), The Tear Garden (Edward Ka-Spel and Skinny Puppys Cevin Key), Lydia Lunch, Anubian Lights, Szense a.m.m. Niels plays soprano-, tenor-, bariton- and bass saxophone, bass clarinet, flute, Steiner wind synth and electronics.

a.k.a. Sonar Lodge (with Marie-Claudine Vanvlemen), has been sound mining ever deeper since his first drum & bass influenced releases to the jazz-infused trip noir approach on Sonar Lodges recent 12s and CDs. They are both also involved in the new M4S group Music For Speakers Amplified (with Sandor Caron, Raphael Vanoli, Jeroen Kimman (Roomtone), Edward Capel). Various projects brought Richard on stage and in the studio with some influential musicians. Future & current collaborations include BEAM and krautrock impro group Szense. Since 1993, he is also a member of the German industrial band Phallus Dei and it’s ambient offspring PHD2. Richard plays drums, keys, laptop and electronics.

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2006 - Everything Is Closer
2007 - The Unperceived Image (feat. David J & Winston Tong)
2008 - Mettle