Arsenal [Special]

Arsenal [Special]

Arsenal was a band formed by former Big Black guitarist Santiago Durango, after Big Black broke up. Durango was in law school at the time. Arsenal featured similar characteristics to Big Black (drum machine, noisy guitar etc) but a much less abrasive sound, mainly due to the addition of a melodic keyboard sound on certain songs.

For the first record, Santiago asked bassist Malachi Ritscher (last name misspelled "Richter" in the credits) to play for him, resulting in the self-produced, four-song Manipulator EP released on Touch & Go Records in 1988.

At this time they also appeared on Blast First's Nothing Short of Total War compilation with the song "Little Hitlers".

Then, in 1990, with bassist Pierre Kedzy, Arsenal released a second EP titled Factory Smog Is a Sign of Progress, once again on Touch & Go Records.

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1988 - Manipulator EP (Touch & Go Records/Blast First)
1990 - Factory Smog Is a Sign of Progress EP (Touch & Go Records)