dreDDup [Special]

This beast came to reality 4th of June 1997 in the small suicide city of Novi Sad Located in Serbia (Europe). This child changed it's sound rapidly, from butterfly to hungry beasts, from pornographic to art, from culture to insanity. In it's early years, child produced several works of video art., film soundtracks and theatre music. Collaboration with many underground acts and artists also took place in it's career. It began to feed with first sounds on 'Abnormal Waltz' 1998.

Exploring the dark sides of the human mind the first work 'Mr Borndead's Feast' (2004) had it's good vibes and some extremely bad ones. Many commercial segments destroyed the beauty of the original songs because child was hungry for sex. This work talked about the past and the bloody feast of the close minded. 2004's it began to walk continuing to expand and redefine it's sound and purpose. A substantial increase in live performances - once an unheard of rarity - has lead to much greater recognition by a new generation of fans. Child was ready to eat your souls and fuck your whores. In 2005, Holland music label MoocSound Records , released 'Mr Borndead's Feast' in digipack format. Child began to scream.

Next work came in august 16th. 2007 - 'Future Porn Machine'. This new work sounded more darker and more industrial rock than the previous one leaving the production rough. The main concept was the pornographic future, where art = pornography = art where machines are replaced by humans. "Insurrection Records" from Belgrade recognized it and released it. The whole idea now went to the crossover sound. Child changed it's taste to 'inner massacre'. In 2008, it was included in much of the foreign music compilations. Child began to fuck hard.

Third work 'El Conquistadors' was finished in late 2008. This was meant to be totally different from the previous works. New taste followed more post-industrial and less melodies, including some very dark whispers and new insanity in live performance. It's concept was to bring the old sound from the 80's back to life. This work was the last one in time trilogy talking about the present tense and human inner boundaries. It was officially released in Serbia for Insurrection Records on March the 6th 2009. The reviews lifted it to 2nd place of "Balkan albums of 2009" in Croatian music magazine Terapija and 3rd place of "must-have" in Macedonian "Okno" music magazine. Child began to kill.

In 2010 child re-mastered and re-released it's third work for industrial music label Beast of Prey from Poland. Next work came out in February 2011 - 'dreDDup' was released. This 4th work came out as a surprise to the audience as the sound changed rapidly. This new taste was labeled "personal horror diary" from one of the press critics. "One of the new 10 best industrial rock albums for 2011" was also stated in the press. This work defines the darker side of the child's taste and goes beyond El Conquistadors. It was a complete abandonment of genres and this is now pure fucking insanity. Child fell asleep.

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demo albums:
1997 - 219_demos (1997-2002 demo collection)
1998 - Abnormal Waltz (demo)

official albums:
2004 - Mr Borndeads Feast
2007 - Future Porn Machine
2009 - El Conquistadors
2011 - dreDDup

V/A compilations & other works:

2010 - Alive from The Other Side
2010 - 219_demos (demo recordings 97-02)
2009 - Our Idea of Fun (A Tribute to Ron Asheton)
2009 - Live at Determination 2
2009 - Dark Tribute to Lepa Brena
2009 - Blago gluvima: a Tribute to Patareni
2009 - D:S-vol.6 Compilation
2009 - Not Our World Alone
2008 - We Were Born to Deastroy: A Tribute to Witness
2008 - Tribute to Cannibal Corpse
2008 - Tribute to Razlog Za
2008 - Postindustrial Changes
2008 - Nine Inch Nails: Underneath it All
2008 - The Great Industrial Comeback (album with FT)
2008 - D:S-vol.1 Compilation
2008 - The World Of All Evil Dead
2008 - D:S-vol.5 Compilation
2007 - Go Fest:S'pogledom u bolje sutra
2007 - Pituitary Nightmare (album with Kenji Siratori)
2007 - Nine Inch Nails remixes (official remixes)
2007 - Works 1996-2007
2007 - Bootleg Recordings
2005 - One Way

Band was released on various compilations all around the world.

Listen songs:
God of FM Stereo
One is Alive
Return of the TV