O!Kult [Special]

O!Kult [Special]

O!Kult was a Slovenian punk band with an experimental twist, formed by Brane Zorman. O! KULT was first of all an uncompromisingly direct and politically engaged punk group. It was active from 1982 to 1987. Because of its political engagement, the group O! KULT was one of the more censored and controlled groups in the then Socialist Republic of Slovenian as well as of Yugoslavia. Because of the uncompromisingly direct and politically and social lyrics and statements, two of the songs were censored and not broadcasted live on Radio Slovenia (Tovariši! - Čigavi, Zahvala zahvalam).

The activity of O! KULT can be divided into two parts, according to their style and content:
- punk phase
- post industrial phase, when the group changes its name into: Institution O! KULT

O! KULT was established on May 4 1982 at 3:05pm, on the second anniversary of the death of the president of the then Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, marshal Tito. The group emerged and was active in Medvode near Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The name of the group O! KULT was very carefully selected: O! – as an interjection of approval and of unconditional praise, KULT – as a non-defined name of addressing and praising a cult of personality – unconditional and total leader and creator of the totalitarian system (of left or right orientation). With the choice of their name, the group wanted to call attention to the dialectical opposition and conflicts between the mass, which they represented and emphasized in their explicitly political, socially coloured texts, manifests and statements on the one hand, and the uniformity and ruthlessly in-consistent consideration of accepted political orientations and directives of proclaimed and in the name of higher interests conducted instructions, given either from the congresses of the CP (Communist Party) of Yugoslavia or any other eastern or western party.
O! KULT never limited its own creative and reflective inspiration to one side of the so-called “democracy for the people”.

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1982 - Novi Rock Live 1982
1986 - O!Kult

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