Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft [D.A.F.] : [Special]

Deutsch Amerikanische
Freundschaft [Special]

Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft, or the acronym D.A.F. or just DAF came from Düsseldorf. The band was founded in 1978 by Robert Görl (drums/percussion, elektronics), Gabi Delgado-Lopez (singer), Kurt Dahlke a.k.a Pyrolator (Elektronics; later Der Plan, Fehlfarben), Michael Kemner (bass; later Fehlfarben) and Wolfgang Spelmans (gitar). Chrislo Haas (Elektronic, bass, saxophon; later Liaisons Dangereuses) replaced Kurt Dahlke 1979, until in 81 during an UK tour they reduced to the core duo Robert Görl/Gabi Delgado-Lopez, who established the image and concept with which they became successfull.

1979, singer Delgado had left before the recording of their first album "Ein Produkt der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Freundschaft" which makes it an instrumental work of 22 tracks sometimes lasting just seconds of noisy ,almost free-jazz like tracks, after they got that out of their system Gabi Delgado returned to DAF. It was 1980 when "Die Kleinen und die Bösen", got them noted inetrnationally. One side was recorded in Conny Plank's Studio the other Live-B-side in the London club "The Electric Ballroom". It set them up to become the godfathers of EBM. Their next album "Alles Ist Gut" aswell as the follow-ups "Gold Und Liebe" and "Für Immer" ( 1981 and 1982 ) brought the duo commercial and artistic success . Allles is gut got them a " thank you for the money award" from the musicindustry. Some songs, "Der Mussolini" , "Der Räuber und der Prinz", "Greif Nach Den Sternen", "Die Götter Sind Weiß" or "Ein Bisschen Krieg" were textually provoking, befitting their build up image. Being confronted with the claim they were fascist, they just said well we extend from anarcho-skin to disco-nazi , and we are just too horny for fascists.

The duo had already split before the release of "Für Immer" (forever) an ironic goodbye it was,the would concentrate on solo projects, but neither would come close to their previous level or success. In 2003 they came back together and released 15 new songs "15 Neue DAF Lieder" and toured again in 2005 the revival came to a halt again.
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DAF is an influential electropunk / Neue Deutsche Welle band from Düsseldorf, formed in 1978 featuring drummer/synth player Robert Görl and vocalist Gabi Delgado-Lopez.
Gabi sang in local punk bands and Robert was finishing his formal musical training. Along with Wolfgang Spellmans, Ludwig Hass and Michael Kemner they released their first album in Germany called Product der DAF on Warning Records. It was a riot of synth and tape powered heavy metal. The name stands for Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft or German-American Friendship - which at the time the band formed was a shot at DSF, the East German German-Soviet Friendship organization. They later moved to London where they made their England debut at the Marque club with The Fall. Shortly after they signed to Mute records.
An early Sounds review summed up their early music: "If DAF has an onstage duel with Throbbing Gristle, there would be no-one left alive on stage to announce the winner."

After releasing their first Mute single, Kebabtraume, Conny Plank asked to produce them, by this time they had been reduced to a duo. After releasing their first Mute album, 'Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen', and second single, "Tanz Mit Dir", they embarked on a tour that encompassed Austria (as guests of the Austrian Government playing as part of Culture Week in Vienna) and Germany, with some London dated mixed in the middle.

A change of record label, to Virgin, saw the release of their second album, Alles Ist Gut, and a single, "Der Mussolini/Der Räuber Under Der Prinz", which charted in England. In interviews they claimed to not target anything or anyone specific while creating lyrics to be taken as a parody of words and phrases floating around in the public media. "Sato Sato" and "Der Mussolini" are both examples of songs written around Delgado-Lopez's fascination with the sound of a particular word. A few months before the 2003 invasion of Iraq DAF released "The Sheriff (An Anti-American Song)" criticizing perceived American imperialism. This was their first real step into political songwriting. The pair have also released solo work over the years, Robert Gorl has released one album on Mute (Night Full of Tension), and two singles, Mit Dir and Darling Don't Leave Me with Annie Lennox.

"DAF was the kind of band that had a very severe, minimalistic concept in music. We were a two piece that only sung in German. We restricted ourselves by using electronis, acoustic drums and vocals. It was concentrated power, the more minimal the better. Eventually, after three albums, we realised that we had reached our limits. The question was, 'Are we going to continue and maybe repeat the whole thing again, or should we stop and do something completely new?' DAF was a band that never wanted to look back. I'm still good friends with Robert, but when you work with someone for five years you get into a routine of exchanging ideas. Suddenly you discover that you're saying the same things you said two albums previously. For me it's a very normal thing. I wish alot of bands would break up after two or three albums." Gabi Delgado, 1983.

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