Silverfish [Special]

Probably best-known for having Lesley Rankine (Ruby) as a lead singer, UK based Silverfish were a ferocious band both on stage and on record. Musically, they couldn’t have been further removed from Ruby, a project that Lesley Rankine started after the band dissolution in 1993 - Silverfish were a multi-racial group of pranksters/musical terrorists inspired by the themes of revenge, sexism and feminism, taking cues from the likes of Butthole Surfers (albeit, with a feminist twist).

Bassist Chris P. and drummer Stuart were originally in a band called Rover Girls and together with guitarist Fuzz (In-Stinks) and Lesley Rankine, whom they met after she was kicked out of Terminal Cheesecake show for starting a fight, they started the band in the late 80s.

"A few seconds of any Silverfish song could wrench the most cast-iron gut, leaving a mess of entrails in its wake. But in the case of this London quartet, the more you bleed the better you feel. Jacked up rhythms are smothered by an electric blanket of guitar distortion, setting the pace for Lesley Rankine's razor-toothed lyrics and penetrating screams (think The Exorcist's Linda Blair on a bad day). Rankine unhinges more than a few female stereotypes as she expresses rather than represses her violent and sexual urges in vengeful gun-wielding fantasies and blatant descriptions of lubricious desires. Anthem phrases like "total fucking asshole" ("T.F.A.") and "Hips Tits Lips Power!" ("Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal") are just the steel tip of this volatile iceberg. Judging by voice alone, Rankine could slam dunk Babes in Toyland, L7 and Courtney Love all in one shot. Musically, the band hovered over basic punk, grunge and noise groupings without holding to any single path."

Classic stuff, especially "Cockeye" still gets played around. And Lesley Rankine's "Motherf*cker" scream on 'Dolly Parton' must be heard to be believed, it's the best song intro ever, amen.

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1990 - Cockeye
1991 - Fat Axl
1992 - Organ Fan

1989 - Dolly Parton
1989 - Total Fucking Arsehole
1991 - Fuckin' Drivin' Or What...
1992 - With Scrambled Eggs
1993 - Damn Fine


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  1. Hi i winder if you direct me
    But im the guy who was telling you lot about the Ruby remix album
    the 4th in the ruby series
    Since youve chaged your pages layout i cant find where your comment boxes are at all on the ruby discography.
    anyway this is the link to the 4th ruby album