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Sonic Youth [Special]

Sonic Youth is an experimental rock group formed in New York City in 1981. The band consists of Thurston Moore (guitar, vocals, bass), Kim Gordon (bass, vocals, guitar), Lee Ranaldo (guitar, vocals, electric drill) and Steve Shelley (drums).

Early in their career, Sonic Youth were associated with the art and music scene in New York City, but they have outlasted most associated bands. Initially inspired by the experimentation of Glenn Branca and The Velvet Underground and the of The Stooges, they are known for using a variety of unorthodox guitar tunings, and for applying screwdrivers, drumsticks or other preparations to guitars to alter the instruments’ timbres.

Members of the band have released books of poetry and prose (a beatnik influence is evident in both their writing and lyrics), produced, written and performed in films (such as “1991: The Year Punk Broke”, “Perfect Partner”, “(this is known as) the blues scale” and “last days”). They have staged shows of visual art, and curated the All Tomorrows Parties music festival. They’ve even appeared in and performed a version of the theme song for “The Simpsons”.

In addition to their 21 albums as Sonic Youth there is much material recorded and performed with other artists, solo albums, and side-projects such as Ciccone Youth. It can be said that Sonic Youth are an artistic collective just as much as they are a traditional / band.

They have also brought a number of notable bands to a wider audience - acts such as Beck, Kevin Drumm, Nirvana, OOIOO, Pavement, Prolapse, and Wolf Eyes have opened for Sonic Youth. There was also a short-lived supergroup featuring members of Sonic Youth and Prolapse. They have also made an appearance of sorts in the Silent Hill video game for the Playstation. The names “K. Gordon”, “T. Moore”, and “L. Ranaldo” can be found in a faculty register in the Midwich Elementary School area of the game. At one point, to progress through the game, you have to take a route through “K. Gordon's house.

Current members are:
Thurston Moore - guitars, bass guitar, vocals
Lee Ranaldo - guitars, vocals
Kim Gordon - bass guitar, guitar, vocals
Steve Shelley - drums
Mark Ibold - bass guitar (touring)

Jim O’Rourke - guitar, bass. Appears on NYC Ghosts & Flowers 2000
Band member: Murray Street 2002 to 2005
Bob Bert - drums on Confusion is Sex 1983 to Death Valley ‘69 1985
Richard Edson - Sonic Youth EP 1981 to 1983
anne demarinis - keyboard (left before first ep)
Jim Sclavunos - drummer/producer

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Studio albums
1983-Confusion Is Sex + Kill Yr. Idols
1985-Bad Moon Rising
1988-Daydream Nation
1989-Ciccone Youth – The Whitey Album
1994-Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star
1995-Washing Machine
1998-A Thousand Leaves
2000-NYC Ghosts & Flowers
2002-Murry Street
2004-Sonic Nurse
2006-Rather Ripped
2009-The Eternal
2011-Simon Werner A Disparu

Deluxe editions
2003-Dirty [1992]
2005-Goo [1990]
2007-Daydream Nation [1988]

Extended plays
1982-Sonic Youth
1993-Sonic Youth with Yamatsuka Eye – TV Shit
1993-Whores Moaning
1998-Silver Session for Jason Knuth
2002-Kali Yug Express
2002-Sonic Youth, Instant Composers Pool & The Ex – In the Fishtank 9
2009-Sensational Fix

Sonic Youth Recordings (SYR) series

Soundtrack and compilation appearances
1995-Made In USA
2003-Demonlover OST
2004-Hidros 3

1988-Sonic Death
1995-Screaming Fields Of Sonic Love
2006-The Destroyed Room
2008-Hits Are For Squares

Official bootlegs
1987-Hold That Tiger
1990-4 Tunna Brix
1995-Live, Venlo, Holland 12.27.83

2009-Brave Men Run (In My Family) [Live Chicago 85]
2009-Catholic Block
2009-Star Power (Acoustic)

1984-Death Valley ’69
1986-Flower – Halloween 12”
1988-Sonic Youth & Mudhoney (Split) – Touch Me I’m Sick
1990-Kool Thing
1991-Dirty Boots
1992-100 per cent
1992-Youth Against Fascism
1993-Cotton Crown – PCH
1993-Sugar Kane
1993-Sugar Kane [US version]
1994-Bull In The Heather
1995-Little Trouble Girl
1995-The Diamond Sea
2006-Helen Lundeberg – Eyeliner
2009-Sonic Youth & Beck (Split) – Pay No Mind – Green Light
2009-Sonic Youth & Jay Reatard (Split) – No Garage – Hang Them All

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