Ruby [Special]

Ruby [Special]

Ruby is a band consisting of UK vocalist Lesley Rankine and producer Mark Walk whose repertory of styles expand across electronic, trip hop, noise, and Industrial. Rankine began her music career as frontwoman to UK noise group Silverfish, leaving the group, based in London, after the release of their 1993 LP Organ Fan and departing for Seattle.

There she joined forces with producer Mark Walk, with whom she worked on material for industrial group Pigface, to produce an electronic album which echoed the downtempo styles, especially trip hop, more than their noise backgrounds; the album, Salt Peter, was released in 1995, with a remix album, Revenge, The Sweetest Fruit, appearing in 1996. She also appeared on the Toronto-based Monster Voodoo Machine's Suffersystem album recorded in 1994 at Chicago Trax. The album won a Juno award (the Canadian equivalent to a Grammy).

Rankine returned to her native Scotland to work on Ruby's second album, Short Staffed at the Gene Pool. This saw the group release material on a new UK label, Wichita Recordings, as well as Thirsty Ear in the US. The song Grace was mixed by several producers, including Mira Calix of Warp Records. This was followed by another remix album, Altered and Proud, later that year. Thirsty Ear Recordings is an American independent record label. Warp Records is a pioneering independent UK record label, founded in Sheffield in 1989, notable for discovering some of the most enduring artists in electronic music. Rankine has since taken a break from recording, returning to her home country. Mark Walk is currently a member of legendary Industrial music group Skinny Puppy. It has been suggested that Chicago Industrial be merged into this article or section.

The band Ruby was named as such because Lesley Rankine and Mark Walk both have grandmothers named Ruby.

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Ruby - Salt Peter (1995)
Ruby - Revenge, The Sweetest Fruit (Salt Peter Remixed) (1995)
Ruby - Short-Staffed At The Gene Pool (2001) -
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Ruby - Altered & Proud- The Short-Staffed Remix (2001)
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  1. Leslie Rankine Ruby
    there is a 4th album which is called
    Altered & Proud: The Short-Staffed Remixes

    it came out on witchita label in 2001

  2. Im the guy who messaged you about the 4th Ruby album
    Altered & Proud: The Short-Staffed Remix

    If you would like me to load up the tracks to rapidshare and let you have the link, Do let me know

  3. yes, that will be great!!!!... to complete discography ov Ruby. Tnx again for support ...