iTAL tEK [Special]

iTAL tEK [Special]

A dubstep producer specializing in dark, atmospheric sounds, Brighton's Ital Tek (born Alan Myson) first appeared in 2006 on the download label Net Lab. The release was the Terminator 2 EP, five tracks with a heavy Aphex Twin influence and samples of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In 2007 he introduced the deep dubstep sound that would become his signature when his "Blood Lines" 12" dropped on Planet Mu. That same year the Snippets collection rounded up unfinished works for Net Lab, while an appearance on Planet Mu's 200 compilation along with the 12" "Deep Pools" for the Square label would make influential DJs like BBC Radio's Mary Anne Hobbs fans and advocates. Hobbs would feature Ital Tek on her 2008 Presents Evangeline collection, then Planet Mu would release his debut full-length, Cyclical, that same year.

Warpmart Review:

Ital Tek drops his debut album after some very nice singles on various labels and the quality is as high if not higher than expected. Ital Tek stalks the ground where electronica and dubstep meet, with a ponderous, melodic album with a few tricks up it's sleeve. He often uses the bass, which is often used as an instrument of brutality in dubstep as a melodic instrument, adding an easy and open emotional element to his tracks. He also employs lots of tricky rhythmic editing, which give the tracks and intense energy that contrasts well with the more delicate elements. A great crossover point between dubstep and electronica, that seems wouldn't really have been possible on any other label.

Boomkat Review:

"Positioned on the shiny bit of the cutting edge of dubstep electronica, Alan Myson's iTAL tEK project has won over a legion of fans in the last year or two with massive releases for SQUARE and Planet Mu providing the essential platform for his intricate programming abilities and moody attitude ridden dubstep style. His debut full length continues his previous good work with a very coherant and personally touched collection of hi-end dubstep convolutions that sounds like the ideal succesor to the Planet Mu IDM staples of yesteryear. Over eleven tracks Ital Tek sweeps between intensely edited rhythm freakouts and bass mangles with an omnipresent compositional element that lends much of his work a developed melodic and harmonic style close to that of label mate Boxcutter, or IDM heroes Wauvenfold or Funkstorung. Strong gear from a talented producer."

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iTAL tEK - Cyclical (2008) (mediafile or rapidshare)

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iTAL tEK - Blood Line (2007)
iTAL tEK - Terminator 2 EP (2006)

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