SUNN O))) [Special]

SUNN O))) [Special]

Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson met in Seattle in 1991, when they were in high school and community college, respectively. Sunn O))) is named after the Sunn amplifier brand, whose logo includes a circle next to the "SUNN" banner with waves heading off to the right (the band use this logo in the cover art of many releases); a literal interpretation of the logo produces "Sunn O)))". In interviews Stephen O'Malley has stated the name was also chosen as a play on the name of the band Earth, pioneers of drone music throughout the 1990s, reasoning that Sunn O))) "revolved around Earth." However, before the band members moved to Los Angeles the duo were called Mars, in another tribute to Earth.

Their sound is extremely slow and heavy, using droning guitars, frequently heavily drop-tuned to extremely low tunings such as drop A and drop B, accompanied by feedback and other sound effects to create their soundscapes. There is very little drumming and a lack of any discernible beat. When performing live the band wear 'grim robes', fill the air with fog, and play at a high volume.

The band release most of their music through the label they founded in 1998, Southern Lord Records. However, they released ØØ Void, their second album, on Rise Above Records, Hydra Head Records, and Dirter Productions, with the latter pressing the album as a double vinyl. The Grimmrobe Demos was first released also on Hydra Head Records. It was later issued as a double picture record set by Outlaw Recordings and finally reissued by Southern Lord in 2004.

Recently, Sunn O))) has been experimenting with a variety of drone styles and sounds, progressing the primarily guitar and bass style of The Grimmrobe Demos and ØØ Void. On White1 and White2, Sunn O))) noticeably expanded on conceptualization by inviting several guests (see collaborations below), resulting in everything from quiet meditative ambient sounds ("A Shaving of the Horn that Speared You" from White1) to a bizarre bass experiment track ("bassAliens" from White2). Black One continues this direction, utilizing far more electronics, synthesis and other instrumentation than earlier Sunn O))) material, yet still marking a significant return to their traditional sound.

Unlike related artists in the drone metal and dark ambient fields, they have enjoyed a high level of popularity from fans, and are widely regarded as leaders in the genre, with recognition of several newpapers like the edition of The New York Times Magazine of May 28, 2006, Sunn O))) was featured in an article called "Heady Metal," with both members in their signature cloaks. Sunn O))) was also shown in the August 2007 issue of Q Magazine (the "loud issue"), with their album White1 being named the 18th heaviest album of all time, just above AC/DCs Back in Black and below Aphex Twin's album ...I Care Because You Do.

In 2008, Sunn O))) released their live album Dømkirke, and also announced that they would do a mini-tour consisting of four concerts to commemorate the 10th anniversary for the release of The Grimmrobe Demos.

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1999 - The Grimmrobe Demos (Demo)

2000 - 00 Void
2002 - Flight Of The Behemoth

2003 - The Libations Of Samhain (Live EP)

2003 - Veils It White (12'' Live EP)

2003 - White1

2004 - Candlewolf Of The Golden Chalice (The Peel Session) (12'' Live EP)

2004 - Cro-Monolithic Remixes for an Iron Age EP
 (eart and merzbow remixes)
2004 - Live White
 part1 part2
2004 - The Horn & The Spear EP (Eric Syre - EMS Remix)

2004 - White2
 part1 part2
2004 - The Libations of Samhain [Live album]
2005 - Candlewolf of the Golden Chalice [Ep]
2005 - Black One (Limited Edition)
 part1 part2
2005 - Live at Roadburn Festival 09-04-2005 (Live Bootleg)

2006 - Angel Coma (Sunn O))) & Earth Split) 12''

2006 - La Mort Noir dans Esch-Alzette (Live)

2006 - Live at TegenTonen 03-03-2006 (Live bootleg)
2007 - Altar (Sunn O))) & Boris)
 CD1 CD2
2007 - Flight Of The Behemoth (2 CD reissue)

2007 - Live at Paris 12-12-2007
 [Soundboard Recording]
2007 - Oracle EP
 part1 part2
2007 - White2 - 3 CD reissue part1 part2 part3
+ CUTWOODedD (collab with Ulver, bonus track for the WHITEbox)
 + My Wall (live)

2008 - Dømkirke [Live album]
2009 - Sunn O))) & Alan Vega & Stephen Burroughs - Che [Split]
2009 - (初心) Grimmrobes Live 10.10.08
2009 - Monoliths & Dimensions

Sunn O))) - Live at the empty bottle, chicago, il, 09.26.03 (video)
Part1 //Part2 // Part3 // Part4 //Part5 //Part6