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Spacemen 3 [Special]

Spacemen 3 were formed in 1982 in Rugby, Warwickshire, England, by Jason Pierce, also known as "J. Spaceman", and Peter Kember, usually known as "Sonic Boom", who had originally met at art college. Both Pierce and Kember were guitarists, keyboard players and vocalists, so added bassist Pete "Bassman" Bain (or Baines), and drummer Sterling Roswell, known as Rosco.

They played together for four years, with extensive jams and rehearsals, but played only low-key, local, concerts, before releasing their first album Sound of Confusion in 1986. This first album was in a relatively mainstream garage rock sound, but their second The Perfect Prescription (1987) showed a marked change towards the minimalistic psychedelia for which they became known.

Bain and Rosco left to form The Darkside, and Will Carruthers joined on bass, but they had no official drummer when they recorded Playing with Fire. Released in 1989, the album expanded on the psychedelic and drone music themes of the earlier albums, and included the single, “Revolution”, which reached #1 on the UK independent chart. Jonny Mattock joined on drums and they spent most of 1989 touring their minimalistic "Anti-Show" around the UK and Europe. These were the last public concerts they would play, as their scheduled US tour had to be cancelled as they could not get visas, due to drug convictions. Drug problems and intra-band tension (notably between Kember and Pierce) began to break the band apart. Recurring, released in 1991, was their last official album, and reflected the split between Pierce and Kember as each recorded their own side of the album in different studios, with a cover of Mudhoney’s "When Tomorrow Hits" to separate them. Recurring was their most popular album, but by its release Kember had already formed Spectrum and Pierce, Carruthers and Mattock were performing as Spiritualized.

For the final few shows, Mark Refoy joined the band, but the final straw was Pierce's decision to release a cover of The Troggs' "Any Way That You Want Me" as the first Spiritualized single, which Kember had been wanting to cover for years. The band split in 1991.

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- Sound of Confusion (1986)
- The Perfect Prescription (1987)
- Playing with Fire (1989)
- Recurring ( 1991)
- Translucent Flashbacks - The Singles (1995)

Live, demo or unofficial albums

- Live at The Black Lion, Northampton, U.K. October 25, 1985
- Performance (Recorded live in Melkweg, Amsterdam c. 1988)
- Dreamweapon: An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music (1990) (A live drone performance)
- Losing Touch with Your Mind (1991) (A collection of alternate versions)
- Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To (1994) (Sound of Confusion demos)
- For All the Fucked-Up Children of This World We Give You Spacemen 3 (1995) (A collection of very early demos)
- Spacemen Are Go! (1995) (A live album culled from Playing with Fire era shows)
- Revolution or Heroin (1995) (Recorded live at the University of London Union c. 1988)
- Threebie 3 (2003) (Recorded live in Melkweg, Amsterdam and Rugby c. 1988)
- Forged Prescriptions (2004) (Perfect Prescription era demos and alternate versions)
- How The Blues Should've Turned Out (2005) (Numbered double CD-R pack of demos and alternate versions)


- Walkin’ With Jesus (1986)
- Transparent Radiation (1987)
- Take Me To The Other Side (1988)
- Revolution (1988)
- Hypnotized (1989)
- Big City (1991)

Listen songs:
Take me to the other side
Big city
Things'll Never Be the Same
Losing Touch With My Mind

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