Allgrena is a dark post-industrial project working with iron or steel percussion, pianos, flutes, drums or water noises in specific places for sound research (percussion at the walls of a bunker, playing flutes and violine in the canalisation of Vienna, etc). Mixing ethnic approaches with sambre parts Franz's project gives a concrete and strong accent to it's ritual and transcending soundscapes.

"Allgrena is a project run by Austrian composer Franz Nigl circulating in spheres between ambient and industrial. Present album is the second effort from Allgrena, the first being "Tonräder" released on the same label in 1999. An important part of the textures is field recordings of metal-objects and similar industrial noises and drones. Favourite moment is the atmospheric piece titled "Wachsende ringe" that opens with dramatic flute-like high-freq sounds followed by echoed male speaks with distorted guitar and crushing noise-drones operating in the deeper levels. Generally the composer has a great balance between atmospheric textures and quite brutal moments of noise with elements of power electronics" (Vital Weekly).

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Demo tapes
- Cold (Cass)
- Era (Cass)
- Rotor (Cass)

Albums and EPs
1997 - Protest / Rotor (7", Ltd, Tra)
1998 - Erdgut (EP)
1999 - Tonräder (CD)
2009 - Ursprung (CD, Album)