Abbildungen Varieté is inovative Multimedial experimental collective from Maribor (Slovenia), active from 1983 to 1984. Abbildungen Varieté is the second most important name in Yugoslav/Slovenian oldschool industrial scene of the 80s, besides Laibach. They hailed from Slovenia's second largest city Maribor in the northeasternmost part of Slovenia, then one of the biggest Yugoslav heavy industry centres. Unfortunately, little is known about this project that existed in the short period between 1982-1983 - besides this eponymous cassette-release and the "Novi Rock" compilation contribution with the track "Ishodisce subjekta". The cassete, which is a live-recording, came out in the edition of Ljubljana's ŠKUC label/organisation. What we know about Abbildungen Varieté is that it was close to the NSK [Neue Slowenische Kunst] movement and that Igor Zupe, nowadays a famous slovenian video-artist and a director, was a member. Due to the nature of music, it is highly unlikely that he was the only member and there are also some indications that Mario Ornik of Maribor's KIBLA art group was involved too. When compared to the rest of industrial scene back then, Abbildungen Varieté was a rare bird and defining them is certainly not an easy task. They had a strong smack of ritual-music, which is also present with Laibach and Strukturne Ptice as an inkling and played a vital role in early Autopsia. So the only bands we can draw paralels to would be from that milleu: Last Few Days, Ain Soph, maybe even Het Zweet. Soundwise it's quite diverse: a bit of sinister tribal drumming with frantic clamor, a bit of solemn ceremonial chanting and a bit of ominous funeral dirges for the banishing of the Dead.


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