THE STROJ (8-member ) collective has gathered in 1997, when a group of percussionists, craftsmen, artists and enthusiasts from Laško, Slovenia, first realized an idea of huge mechanical sound machine that should sound like articulated noise orchestra, driven by hypnotic rhythms and powered with their bodily energy. Fanatic enthusiasm had fulfilled their vision of how to research and develop their sonic totem – STROJ - while articulating their unique sound language.

The name The Stroj comes from the Slovenian word ‘stroj’ (pronounced as ‘stroy’) which means ‘machine’. Pronounced together with ‘the’, we get ‘destroy’, therefore The Stroj is a pun, playing with two meanings: machine and destruction.

THE STROJ combines powerful and complex rhythms with extraordinary ‘handmade’ noises, astonishing sounds of selfmade instruments with spectacular lightning and heavy tools of the past with high technologies of the future. Their music brings us unique retro futuristic sound, an exciting mixture of industrial, electronic, rock, ethnic, avant-garde and experimental influences, played and performed with heavy, rusty and strange looking instruments.


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