Wilbert de Joode - Olo (2002)

Wilbert de Joode - Olo (2002)

my true fascination for the double bass resulted with some musical discoveries, despite the difficulty to find solo works for this gigantic instrument. it's just not very popular in today's world of sounds, not even in the genre of jazz and (neo)classical music. in addition to this, the contrabass is not an instrument musicians prefer to play solo, which is a real pity. wilbert de joode made my day with his solo cd "olo", released on wig in 2002.
"de joode is currently one of the most active bass players on the dutch improvised music circuit. his individual style and musicality transforms the double bass into an equal partner in the most varied ensembles. a personal tone colour, exploration of the outer registers, idiosyncratic improvisations and the use of gut strings contribute to an instantly recognisable and intriguing sound." .
so, what's "olo"? it's a suite of improvised, short, wayward, witty, gloomy, beautiful and freakish bass solo’s, played on a chamber-bass g.f. lott ±1840 with gut strings using a self-built bow and demonstrating all kinds of bass pizzicato techniques.
"my idea to record solo came as a natural development in my career. i wish to share with the listener the inimitable beauty and colour that i hear in the contrabass sound. i suggest listening to this recording at a loud volume level but please, respect your neighbours. " (wilbert de joode)
the wire recommends: "add olo to the small but growing list of essential solo bass recordings."

all compositions Wilbert de Joode
BUMA | STEMRA total time 44.13

recorded by Dick Lucas
DATA RECORDS on 5/6/01 Plantage Doklaan, Amsterdam & on 17/12/01 in the Dorpskerk, Grootschermer

editing Wilbert de Joode and Dick Lucas
linear notes by Ig Henneman,
Wilbert de Joode
produced by Ig Henneman

teaspoons reshaped by Wilbert de Joode
photos & design Francesca Patella

1 Kras (2:02)
2 Omhoog (2:06)
3 Lepel (2:42)
4 Rang (1:39)
5 Peg (3:30)
6 Mus (1:57)
7 Hoes (0:37)
8 Olo (3:26)
9 Mak (1:45)
10 Tork (4:28)
11 Krak (2:59)
12 jaM (2:52)
13 Draad (2:38)
14 Crom (3:06)
15 Rol (2:30)
16 Woj (2:01)
17 Zool (2:44)

Wilbert de Joode - Olo (2002)