Telonauka Sovršena

Telonauka Sovršena
Telonauka Sovršena or sometimes written as Telo Nauka Sovršena comes from Struga, Macedonia, former Yugoslavia, formed in 1983 and Kadis is tape album released in 1986. If my info is not correct, as that's what I have found at internet, do correct me. Not sure when live tracks were recorded. Word grim is today used for lots of trendy and uninspired stuff, but this sure is some grim post punk beauty. The bend influenced Macedonian goth rock bands as Padot Na Vizantija, Mizar, Kismet, that made Macedonian scene quite known and respected in some alternative music circles, but this is quite mature and sophisticated already. I like this for what it is, dark real music with hypnotic deepness of centuries old Balkan doom, which adds to sound similar to bands as Joy Division something of it's own. Not so good sound quality, but take in consideration when and where this was recorded, tapes get old too. And it just makes it more authentic, and beautiful.

Members: Zvonko Naumoski (vocals, keyboards, 1983-87), Sašo Klenkoski (guitar, backing vocals), Naum Naumoski (drums, 1983-87), Robert Kalajdžieski (bass), Toni
Godžoski (drums, 1987-92), Eleni Novakovska (keyboards, 1983-87)

1989.- live in Youth festival (Subotica) download

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