Abbildungen Variete - Tape (1983)

Abbildungen Variete - Tape (1983)

Genre: Industrial, Avant Garde
Style: Noise, Industrial, Avant Garde, Experimental
Label: Galerija Skuc

Another repost from other blog, this one from mighty Mutant Sounds, thanx! Here we have early 80's Slovenian, Former Yugoslavian, dark ritualistic industrial soundtracks that really must be heard from everyone with any interest in more ambient stuff. Sounding fresh after all this years, some of the best former Yugoslavian real avantgarde music and one great esoteric beauty.

Great Slovenian early 80s industrial band.Following the path of Last Few Days and Vox Poppuli! their music is highly ritualistic ,dark yet innovative,realising the scene of their country the period this came out.Released through a somekind gallery edition in just 230 copies. [Mutant Sounds]

A1 Babilon
A2 Republikanski mars
B1 Variete
B2 Kader Urbanosti
B3 Max Ludwig insert

Abbildungen Variete