Wendy McNeill - Such a Common Bird (2004)

Wendy McNeill - Such a Common Bird (2004)

GENRE: Avant Garde, Blues
STYLE: Blues, Gothic, Avant Garde
LABEL: Indie / Spirit River Distribution
Edmontonian Wendy McNeill has released her third official album entitled Such a Common Bird. The irony of the title is incredible as McNeill is the most uncommon of those who speak in song. McNeill sounds as if she was cast aside from a Paris bordello in the mid 30s because her stage show was too depressing. In fact the song "The Sparrow" almost mirrors that statement.

"The Sparrow" is a deep lyrical yet twisted piece of art. The songs upbeat accordion based music contrasts the almost morbid lyrics perfectly. McNeill's creativity is so astonishing. Her original style of music is the type one might hear if they found themselves on an abandoned ship listening to the ghosts, in a majestic hall filled with tarnished paintings, as they sang their infinite tales of travel.

It is hard to say which songs stand out the most since they are all written so well, but "Everyday Heroes", "The Sparrow", and "Such a Common Bird" probably stand out the most. "Everyday Heroes" is an especially inspiring song which may send chills up more than a few people's spines.

McNeill is steadily gaining the attention such a unique artist deserves she has a bunch of upcoming shows around Alberta and has been featured in many of the local magazines and papers. She is well known for her extravagant live performances; Such a Common Bird could not have come at a better time. It is a very solid album which should have the critics in awe.

1. Such a Common Bird
2. Blue Skies
3. Julien
4. Black Angus
5. All Aboard
6. Everyday Heroes...prelude
7. Everyday Heroes
8. Cigarettes and You
9. La Vie En Rose
10.The Sparrow
11. Little Piece of Heaven
12. Such a Common Bird...pretty

Wendy McNeill - Such a Common Bird

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