The Young Gods - Knock On Wood (bonus DVD rip) (2008)

The Young Gods - Knock On Wood (bonus DVD rip) (2008)

Genre: Alternative
Styles: Avant Garde, Industrial, Experimental
Label: Musikvertrieb

Here is the first acoustic album for The Young Gods, a band whose fame came 20 years ago from their use of digital samplers. Adventurers, pioneers and mad scientists, the Young Gods are still an essential reference in today’s music. Trent Reznor (NIN) Mike Patton, The Chemical Brothers, Maynard James Keenan (Tool) or The Edge (U2), all claim the heritage of the young
Helvetian gods.
After the recording of their recent studio album ‘Super Ready Fragmenté’ in 2006, the Swiss trio was invited to play some special concerts and to perform their own repertoire in an acoustic set-up for the very first time. The approach combined a kind of psychedelic blues folk with electronic minimalism, and the band was so delighted that they decided to record these acoustic versions in studio. The result, this album ‘Knock On Wood’, is sublime and surprising.
Not only do The Young Gods revisit their own classics (like ‘Gasoline Man’ or ‘Skinflowers’) but they have also recorded a cover of Richie Havens’ famous ‘Freedom’ (from the Woodstock days…). A few other covers are only available on the bonus live DVD from a show filmed in Zurich in Dec 2006. And there is even more for the real collectors with three other songs recorded and filmed while the band was walking and playing in the streets of Paris.
An acoustic studio album and a live acoustic DVD, ‘Knock On Wood’ is a fantastic journey into the Young Gods magnificent style and repertoire.

LIVE AT « MOODS » Zürich, december 18th, 2006
01. I'm the Drug
02. Gasoline Man
03. Speak Low (Nash/Weill)
04. Ghost Rider (Suicide)
05. Longue Route
06. She Rains
07. Everything in its right Place (Radiohead)
08. If Six was Nine (Hendrix, featuring Erika Stucky on vocal and first Sony)
09. outro
TAKE AWAY SHOWS - Paris, april 17th, 2007
10. Charlotte (recorded at the Centre Culturel Suisse)
11. I'm the Drug (recorded rue des Hospitalières)
12. Gasoline Man (recorded walking along rue des Rosiers)

The Young Gods - Knock On Wood
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