Vast [Special]
VAST is one man and one man only, Jon Crosby. Crosby grew up in Humboldt County, California, and at the age of 13, was profiled as a promising guitarist in Guitar Player Magazine. He was nearly signed to the guitar-based label Shrapnel, but decided to turn it down to hone his songwriting chops. Crosby soon left high school to do home study, and set out to form a band to perform some demos he recorded all by himself, under the name VAST. Although he was able to play shows, the band was a revolving door of members, with Crosby still recording demos all the while.

The music was original, as it encompassed elements of industrial/alternative (Nine Inch Nails) and ambient, with unpredictable samples added. One such demo started to get some heavy airplay on a local station, which led to a fierce major label bidding war. VAST was eventually signed to Elektra, and released the debut Visual Audio Sensory Theater in mid-1998. At the time of its release, auditions for a backing band for a subsequent tour were under way. Two years later, Crosby hooked up with producer Blumpy and a band made up of guitarist Justin Cotta, bassist Thomas Froggatt and drummer Steve Clark to create the 2000 release Music for People.

In May of 2009, Crosby released Me and You and a North American tour in support of the album. Me and You contains songs from Crosby's Generica series reworked into a full-band setting. The music has more in common with April than Bang Band Sixxx: Relay EP, however. Crosby also is planning on launching a release of the album in which you can purchase the album and allow the proceeds to go to a charity of the purchaser's choice. Me and You is currently only released through retail.

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Vast -
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