Kommunity FK [Special]

Kommunity FK [Special]

Kommunity FK is a gothic rock rock band that helped establish what came to be known as the deathrock scene in Los Angeles. The band was formed in 1978 by American rock singer Patrick Mata influenced by Killing Joke, Throbbing Gristle, David Bowie, Public Image Limited, and Joy Division. Mata also introduced his own influences, inspired by the 1916 Dadaist Movement, Anti Art, noise & musique concrete, plus the "cut up method" invented by Brion Gysin but executed by William Burroughs into his music.

Though initially named Kommunity Fuck, the band's name was soon shortened to Kommunity FK by Patrick Mata. Mata has stated that the band's name was inspired dually by the cold shoulder given him by local unimaginative media venue talent buyers and industry powers. He dubbed the trio "kommunity fuck," and by a piece of paste-up art he created of the same name.

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Kommunity FK - Close One Sad Eye (1983)
Kommunity FK - The Vision and the Voice (1985)

VA - Kaliffornian Deathrock [Strobelight] (2006)