Boss Hog - Cold Hands LP (1990)

Boss Hog - Cold Hands LP (1990)

Genre: Noise
Styles: Noise, Alternative, Experimental, Indie
Label: Amphetamine Reptile

This band started as a Pussy Galore spin-off with the main members being Jon Spencer and his wife Cristina Martinez. Cristina tended to appear naked on their record sleeves, as above. Their early records (including this one) have been out of print for years, and have never appeared on CD AFAIK. There was some talk of a reissue on AmRep a few years ago, but I guess that's been cancelled indefinitely due to Jon & Cristina getting divorced/AmRep ceasing to operate. They started out not dissimilar to Pussy Galore, but got more polished as time went on.

A1 - Boss Hog - Gerard
A2 - Boss Hog - Eddy
A3 - Boss Hog - Bug Purr
A4 - Boss Hog - Red Bull
A5 - Boss Hog - Go Wrong
B1 - Boss Hog - Pete Shore
B2 - Boss Hog - Domestic
B3 - Boss Hog - Duchess
B4 - Boss Hog - Pop Catastrophe

Boss Hog - Cold Hands

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