Cop Shoot Cop [Special]

Cop Shoot Cop [Special]

Cop Shoot Cop - White Noise (1991)
While it was Cop Shoot Cop's previous album that was called Consumer Revolt, it's their second album, White Noise, that attacks that most American institution, comsumerism, head on. "Corporate Protopop" show us the justifications of the mentality that corporations use as directed toward us, the consumer, in a hilariously cynical way:

You're a demanding consumer. And you demand instant gratification. Your needs are our main concern.
Let's be honest. As consumers we all have needs and desires. Trouble is, we supress them. In nature, as in the business world, there are winners and there are losers. But does the predator pity the prey? I don't think so. It's not just unnatural, it's plain unhealthy. Nurture your desires. Cultivate your desires. Let them grow and flower into the blossom that is GREED.

You see, you are needed! Your greed provides this country with the fertile financial soil in which the roots of exploitation can spread, the limbs grow and flourish. This in turn furnishes you, the consumer, the standard of living you've come to expect. The products you buy, the programs you watch, the car you drive, your job: these are the things that define you as an individual. Without them you have no identity, no purpose, no reason to exist.

Greed. Hatred. They're not just good ideas, they're the precepts this country was founded on. They're what keep you right where you are.

And we'd like to keep it that way.

Musically, this is a tighter and more polished album. It's sharp, smart and a bit paranoid. It's also a heck of a lot catchier and more melodic than the material that precedes it. It's amazing what a year or two can do for a band. And that's a trend that would continue with their next album.

1. Discount Rebellion (2:19)
2. Traitor/Martyr (4:39)
3. Coldest Day of the Year (4:55)
4. Feel Good (3:17)
5. Relief (2:50)
6. Empires Collapse (2:55)
7. Corporate Protopop (1:17)
8. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose (2:42)
9. Chameleon Man (5:05)
10. Where's the Money? (0:56)
11. If Tomorrow Ever Comes (5:21)
12. Hung Again (3:05)

Cop Shoot Cop - White Noise (1991)

Cop Shoot Cop - Release (1994)
Cop Shoot Cop was originally formed as a five-piece with David Ouimet playing sampler on the first album. After the Cop Shoot Cop debut Consumer Revolt, he left, returning to the band he formed in 1989, Motherhead Bug. For White Noise and Ask Questions Later, Cop Shoot Cop was a four-piece. For Release, their fourth
and final album, David Ouimet returns to play trombone on two tracks ("Last Legs" and "The Divorce") and Steve McMillen joins as an official fifth member playing guitar (!) and trumpet.
While Release is their slickest and best sounding, er, release, it is also the soundtrack of a band collapsing from internal pressure. Still, it's a lot of fun to listen to. Tod A. has said in interviews that he felt Cop Shoot Cop was limited musically and that was why he left to later form Firewater. The remaining members (with Michael Kaminski replacing Steve McMillen on guitar) hung around to form Red Expendables. They produced one album that utilized some of the unrealized Cop Shoot Cop material before breaking.

Firewater is currently on hiatus, but Tod A. has a blog called postcards from the other side of the world that is worth checking out. From the bio page of the blog: "In January 2005 Tod decided to go on sabbatical from both the band and his homeland for reasons of mental health. His immediate goal was to escape from the grim predictability of George Bush's America. His secondary goal was to see some of the world and attempt to write about it. He can currently be found meandering aimlessly around South East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, teaching English to keep himself in beer and cigarettes. Postcards From The Other Side Of The World is a collection of what Tod has written so far."

In compiling my final posting of Cop Shoot Cop material, I've included a number of extras. Following the album proper, I've included the one b-side from the Two at a Time single and the three b-sides from the Any Day Now single. Next is the track "3 AM Incident" from the Johnny Mnemonic soundtrack. On the official Cop Shoot Cop page, run by drummer Phil Puleo, there are a number of interesting audio tracks up for download. I haven't included any of the unofficial live tracks available there in my posts, but I'm including three otherwise unavailable studio tracks here. First is "Baby Broke Down," a tune proposed for the Johnny Mnemonic soundtrack. Next up are two unmixed songs from their final recording session, "Transmitter" and "Get Gone." The bitrate on these three tracks is only 128kbps and they don't sound that great, but they are unreleased and we should be thankful to be able to hear them at all. Big thanks go out to Phil Puleo for making the effort! Finally, while the Meathead/Cop Shoot Cop split single may have been recorded earlier than these last three tracks, it stands as their final official release, so I've placed it at the end. The final track on the CD5 (and this compilation) is a hidden bonus track I've tagged as simply "Untitled."

This wraps up my series of Cop Shoot Cop postings and serves as a complete discography. Cop Shoot Cop is one of my favorite bands and I'll never tire of listening to them. I can only hope my efforts have created some new fans!

1. Interference (4:13)
2. It Only Hurts When I Breathe (3:35)
3. Last Legs (3:47)
4. Two at a Time (4:00)
5. Slackjaw (3:38)
6. Lullaby (3:46)
7. Any Day Now (3:34)
8. Swimming in Circles (4:15)
9. Turning Inside Out (3:50)
10. Ambulance Song (4:20)
11. Suckerpunch (3:36)
12. The Divorce (4:14)
13. Money-Drunk (3:01)
From Two at a Time CD5 (1994):
14. Anonymous (4:14)
From Any Day Now CD5 (1995):
15. New God (3:34)
16. The Queen of Shinbone Alley (3:18)
17. Transmission (4:50)

From Johnny Mnemonic soundtrack CD (1995):
18. 3 AM Incident (3:52)

Unreleased, proposed for Johnny Mnemonic soundtrack (1995):
19. Baby Broke Down (3:38)

Unreleased and unmixed from final recording session (1995):
20. Transmitter (3:28)
21. Get Gone (2:25)

From Meathead and Cop Shoot Cop - Kill a COP for Christ and Bring Us His HEAD CD5 (1996):
22. Meathead - Large Amerikan Jaw (3:15)
23. ¡Schweinhund! (2:39)
24. ¡Schweinhund! (Remixed by M.Taho T. and Marco L.Lega) (3:54)
25. Meathead - Large Amerikan Jaw (Remixed by Cop Shoot Cop) (4:02)
26. Untitled (1:56)

Cop Shoot Cop - Release

Cop Shoot Cop - Headkick Facsimile & Pieceman 7" (1989)
Rare early CSC EP's. Headkick Facsimile was their first record and was given a limited, vinyl only release on some obscure Japanese label. Some of the songs ended up on Consumer Revolt but the best ones Shine On Elizabeth and Triumphal Theme were on this release only. I also included Robert Tilton Handjob from the Pieceman EP. The records sleeve had actual pigs blood splattered all over it. I remember reading an article about the band years ago that said the sleeves were lied on the floor and they hung a pig from a rope, cut it's throat and spun it around as the blood dripped down on the record sleeves.

Cop Shoot Cop - Headkick Facsimile & Pieceman 7"

Cop Shoot Cop - Standards of Evidence 1990-1995
Decent collection of unreleased material, Peel Sessions, early kick-ass stuff and more from this one-of-a-kind New York noise unit.
These guys came on the scene and killed it pretty hard for a few records before various substances and egos reared their ugly head and killed it all.

Cop Shoot Cop - Standards of Evidence 1990-1995
[Part one] [Part two] or here Full file
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