Nachtmahr [Special]

Nachtmahr [Special]

„I only have one interest: i don’t care if you live or die: I just wanna see you dance !“

This is the motto that made Thomas Rainer create his new musical project NACHTMAHR in 2007. After the Austrian artist has achieved worldwide chart breaking success with his other projects L’AME IMMORTELLE and SIECHTUM in the past 11 years, he returns to his roots: the boiling dancefloors of industrial and goth clubs alike

Inspired by numerous years of Djing NACHTMAHR> is the missing link between merciless and provocative Industrial and the hammering power of Techno. The first release “Kunst ist Krieg (=art is war)” and it’s club hit “BoomBoomBoom” instantly conquer the dancefloors and earn the band a slot on the soundtrack of the American block-buster movie SAW 4

The first tour supporting SAMSAS TRAUM shows the potential of NACHTMAHR as a live act. This is also proven by the band’s highly acclaimed show at Wave Gotik Treffen 2008 injecting the audience of more than 3.000 people with harsh beats straight from hell.

NACHTMAHR is much more than aggressive music for outcasts. It’s militant image and in-your-face lyrics might seem provocative in the first place, but as you dive deeper into the dark and sinister world of the Austrian project you discover the approaches towards modern society and it’s sicknesses. Even on the dancefloor there is room to think about all our daily nightmares.

With the release of the full-length album “Feuer frei!” the success of the EP was exceeded by far: Germany’s biggest and most influential dark music magazine ORKUS quoted: “This is the new standard for the electro industrial genre” and the club single “Katharsis” dominated the clubs for months which helped the album to stay in the top 10 of the German alternative charts for more than 6 weeks.

A lot more is planned, as for NACHTMAHR there is only one way: “world domination or demise!”

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Nachtmahr - Kunst Ist Krieg 2007
Nachtmahr - Katharsis (2008)
Nachtmahr - Katharsis (Promo CD-Single) 2008
Nachtmahr - Feuer Frei! (2008)


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