Psy-Kick - Illusion Industries (2006)

Psy-Kick - Illusion Industries (2006)

Genre: Cyber Metal, Industrial
Metal Release

Psy-Kick is a "Cyber Metal" band from Sao Paulo, Brazil, formed in 2004. Psy-Kick features heavy distorted guitars, perfect drum beats, crushing bass, electro-industrial synths, low pitched male vocals, clean female vocals and grim female vocals. All mixed in perfectly, to act as the soundtrack to modern madness. After a succesfull promo-CD containing three songs, here+s the band debut album. Life is ceasing, it all is dying.

01 Mass Of Despair
02 Start The Grieving
03 God's Stupid Planet
04 Temptation
05 Lifeless Modern Life
06 Superior
07 Deadly Land
08 Disintegrate-Deteriorate
09 Dance To Reality


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