She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge [Special]

Los Angeles DJs Justin Warfield and Adam "Adam 12" Bravin formed the moody, Joy Division, Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy inspired She Wants Revenge in 2003. A fortuitous combination of word of mouth, industry connections, and airplay on Sirius Satellite Radio and West Coast airwave giant KCRW provided the duo with enough exposure to snag a record deal with Geffen, resulting in a 2006 self-titled release that has drawn comparisons to Interpol, early Depeche Mode, and the Bravery, as well as their aforementioned eternally depressed post-punk heroes from England.

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Gossip is whispered, cigarettes are smoked, arms are crossed and uncrossed, and then the band takes the stage. An anticipation and hush that could only be described as electric takes hold.

A beat begins--minimal, sparse. Single white beams cast shadows against the ceiling and crowd. What could either be hours or minutes later, the Kraut-rock intro turns to verse and the crowd begins to sing along: "Sick of trying to find a way inside, sick and tired of all the after." A shriek-like scream builds from the back of the crowd and moves to the front where a congregation of girls are camped in anticipation. And just about this time a peculiar thing starts to happen, everyone starts dancing.

And suddenly we are saved. Saved from the legions of samey throwback bands, saved from another night of being too hip to dance, and saved from ourselves. She Wants Revenge have come to save us all.

"We just wanted to make a record that would make girls dance or cry." Justin sips his coffee, sits back in his chair and smiles.

Adam 12 chimes in, "Or both. We're both fans of music and we made the album we wanted to hear. Everything you get on record and live is very, very honest. And artistic output that is truthful can only elicit truthful responses. People know, the kids know when they're being lied to, when something feels manufactured as opposed to being made. We are those kids."

Justin laughs. Then, obviously wound up, jumps in: "There are plenty of bands operating within a context and genre right now, but if you take away the wardrobe, belts, and make-up, what is really being said? If it's nothing that's okay too, some music is just for dancing or wallpaper. But we are trying to speak to people as we were once spoken to, and whether that results in dancing, crying, or people wanting to f**k to our music, then so be it. We take this very serious."

And they are serious. Usually grand pronouncements from new bands are just so much hype coupled with false bravado and the kind of copy that makes for good record sales and "you heard it first" sound bites, but with these two I sense something far more sinister, and it's statements like these that belie the two's hip-hop roots.

More than the clothes (which are more uniform black, hooded, and vaguely militaristic than b-boy) and more than the beats (which, though they speak of post hip-hop, probably owe more to Manchester than the South Bronx), it's the attitude that truly reveals the band's best kept secret and what may very well be their secret weapon: they are two b-boys from the San Fernando Valley who came together to make hip-hop and somehow ended up making the best '80s album we've never heard before. Instead of making nostalgia rock, these two Valley boys have unwittingly crafted a masterpiece of a record that will be looked at for years to come as nothing short of inventive, groundbreaking, pop-perfect dance darkness that will have future generations harkening back to their salad days of clubbing, make-outs, break-ups, and long nights.

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