Sonar [Special]

Sonar [Special]

Dirk Ivens (Dive) and brother in arms Erik Van Wonterghem (Monolith) combine efforts in the industrial assault called Sonar! Since their untitled debut in 1996 Sonar have gained an inevitable reputation in the industrial scene. The sound of Sonar is made to make you move in another way, to tune you into a hypnotic beat. It is a straightforward sound which goes further on classic industrial but never without an extra dimension of powerful dynamics and tuned electronics.

Sonar is looking for a contemporary definition of danceable industrial and tries to discover this by controlling electronic devices. A powerful thunderstorm of rhythms and hypnotising bleeps will control your feet and bounce your head.

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Sonar - Overdose Simulation [1998]

Sonar vs. Muslimgauze [1998]
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