Z’EV [Special]

Z’EV [Special]

Z'ev (born Stefan Weiser) straddles the nearly unbridgeable and highly volatile gulf between the art world and the music industry. Acclaimed as one of the world's best and most original percussionists, Weiser began recording in the late '60s in a handful of psych-out projects. By the late '70s, he took on the Z'ev moniker to explore the "spatial poetics" of the polyrhythmic clamor he had established with his hand-built percussive instruments. His dozens of collaborative projects expanded to include work with John Cage, Glenn Branca, The Hafler Trio, Psychic TV, and Rhythm & Noise.

"I began playing drums when 4 years old, making drum-sets at 5 or 6 and first studied drums when I was 8. My first professional show was at 12. At 13, I began to write poetry and to explore the plastic arts. These three contexts continued to develop, and in 1968 I attended California Institute of the Arts, studying ethnomusicology - in particular, African, Balinese and East Indian musics. There I came into contact with many of the Fluxus artists (most notably Emmett Williams), left ethnomusicology and started to work seriously with 'concrete' and 'performance' poetry. At that time, I'd decided to stop pursuing music as a career so that I could concentrate on poetry. During the years 1969 to 75, I considered myself exclusively as an audio/visual poet. This culminated with my inclusion in the 'Second Generation' show at The Museum of Conceptual Art in San Francisco. It was around this time that I began to play music again with the group Cellar-M. In 1979, I moved from San Francisco to New York City, working with Glenn Branca (on Symphony #2 ), Simone Forti (on Spring ), guitarist Rudolf Grey, and Tim Wright (founder of Pere Ubu), amongst others. In 1980, I toured Europe for the first time, and in 1985, became a resident of Amsterdam..." More Z'ev in his own words here


Z' Ev Vs. Pita - Colchester (Editions Mego, 2008)

Z' Ev.-.Forwaard (Korm Plastics, 2007)

Z'ev - "The Sapphire Nature" (2002)

Z'EV/Genesis P-Orridge - Direction of Travel CD (2002, Cold Spring)

Z’EV - “Heads & Tales” (1996)
This 1996 Avant release sees a bit of a departure from the type of material I had been used to hearing from Z’EV. his percussive tendencies - particularly those involving various types of metal - are arguably what he’s best known for. and, truth be told, that’s where my own affections for his material are the strongest.

what we have here though is an interesting mix of speech samples, acoustic percussion and what sounds to my ears like some electronic percussion as well. one review I read characterized this as his best release - I don’t know if I’d go that far (and I won’t claim to be familiar with his entire catalog either), but it’s certainly one of the more enjoyable of the ones I have heard. I was also reading on another blog that had posted some of his earlier material that Z’EV appreciates and encourages internet-based sharing of his work, so here’s one that no one has to feel guilty about :)

Z’EV - “Heads & Tales” (1996)

Z' Ev - Opus 3 (Staalplaat, 1990)
Part1 / Part2

Z'EV - The Old Sweat/The Invisible Man (LP, Coercion Records LP 001, 1988)
"The Old Sweat replaced the title 'Pounding The Pavement', and The Invisible Man finally surfaced. This is a sorry saga. Phil S. of the then Coercion label contacted me for something to contribute to a compilation. Normally I do not with compilations (with one or two exceptions), but for some reason I consented, and he came back that Coercion wanted to do individual LPs and would like mine to be the first. I warned him not to, but they went ahead anyway. Red Rhino was doing the production and distribution, the product was completed (my test pressing is in Ursula Block's archive at Gelbe Muzik in Berlin), maybe a few copies were sold, Red Rhino went into liquidation, and that was the fat lady's song. This was the first time I turned tapes over to someone, and they assembled the record. I was satisfied when I heard the test pressing. Cover by Andrew McKenzie. I ended up with a box of 25, and that's going to be my retirement fund!" - From the liner notes of Z'EV's 'One Foor In The Grave'. The Invisible Man has six variations of 'Element L' and 'Q #3', the b-side 'The Old Sweat' remains unindexed and has various live pieces. Despite the story about only a few being sold, I got mine pretty cheap.

Z'EV - The Old Sweat/The Invisible Man LP

Z'EV - Bust This!
(LP, Dossier Records ST 7544, 1988)

Z'EV - The Hottest Night (tape, Decay Int 111c, 1987)

Z'EV - 50 Gates MC (1984)
Psychic TV / Z'EV - Berlin Atonal Vol. 1 (1984, Germany)

Z'EV - Wipe Out (1982)
Conceptual artist, dancer, musician, scholar and poet, Stefan Weisser began playing the drums at age 4. Moving to New York City from San Francisco in 1979, and adopting the name Z'EV, his work with performance/noise percussion broke new ground and drew the attention of rock symphonist Glenn Branca, dancer Simone Forti, guitarist Rudolph Grey and just about everybody related to the downtown scene. These recordings from the early nineties were created in New York with the assistance of long-time friends and collaborators Wharton Tiers and Glenn Branca. Wipe Out was released on vinyl as a 7" by fetish Records (FE 13) in 1982. The second track can be played at any speed, so I included the track at 45 rpm and 33 rpm.

Z'EV -
Wipe Out (1982)


Z'EV - Salts Of Heavy Metals (1981, USA)

Oren Ambarchi and Z'EV - Spirit Transform Me

Soma & Z'EV - Magistral

Z'ev - Headphone Musics #'s 1 to 6 (1970's-80's)
[Download] password: ezhevika.blogspot.com


Z’EV (PART 1 of 4)

Z’EV (PART 2 of 4)

Z’EV (PART 3 of 4)

Z’EV (PART 4 of 4)







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